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Rice Cake Face Snack

Rice Cake “Faces”- These are a fun snack idea for kids, you put out whatever toppings you want and they assemble their own! You can even have them with the prep work-slicing bananas and apples for example. The great thing about this is that they could actually have something from every food group on their cracker-making it a very nutritious snack idea. It's also a great idea for the picky eater-they may actually experiment and try some new foods! My kids absolutely love this snack. It takes a little time to setup and cleanup, but it's well work it. They usually end up eating two or three of these apiece. You could also consider making for a lunch-snacks can also be meal ideas for kids when you include nutritious choices from every food group! Let them do the spreading, chopping and decorating. Get them involved-it's great for developing fine motor skills and a little freedom in their meal selection.

Here's how it works:

Set out some Brown Rice Cakes (I buy them at Trader Joe’s or Costco)

Top with a variety of toppings that the kids can put on themselves. They can make faces or animals out of the toppings.

Ideas for toppings to put out (pick whatever you have on hand):

Peanut butter or any type of nut butter

Whipped cream cheese


Shredded carrots

Shredded cheese (makes great hair)

Banana Slices

Apple sliced thin

Shredded coconut


Strawberries or any berries

Chocolate chips (a few)

Fruit preserve spread (much lower in sugar than jelly)



These are such a fun and great snack idea. If you have a little extra time and need some entertainment for the kids, it will be a fun event that burns some time on a rainy (or snowy) day!

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