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My son's favorite meal

I wanted to start my first blog off with a picture of what I just made for my family at my table. My son's favorite, Swedish meatballs adapted from an America's Test Kitchen Recipe (made gluten-free so we can all eat it). It has been his favorite since about three years old (he's almost nine now). Some of you may be looking at this and thinking....she's a registered dietitian and she's blogging about meatballs in a cream sauce? Yes, that's correct. And this is why I want to start this journey in a new business, because I believe that almost all food is nutritious. I believe in feeding our children real food. While I might prefer him to eat quinoa fritters or roasted chicken, this is what he likes. And he eats it eagerly (in fact I'm packing it for him in his school lunch tomorrow). I made only one meal tonight for all of us. We enjoyed conversation. We walked away from the table happy to be together and satisfied with a full tummy. This is what good nutrition means to me.

#kidmeals #meatballs

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