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A Happier Family

Plan includes three dinner meals planned out per week with recipes and shopping lists, based on your nutritional concerns and needs. I will plan, shop and deliver to your fridge and pantry all ingredients. You come home from a long day of work and have everything available to you.


You Need a Little More Help

Similar to the Basic Plan, but includes a lot more service.  Includes four meals and snacks per week for the kids, with recipes, some basic food prep and menus planned out.  Also basic nutritional counseling as part of the service.


Special Occasions

Have a dinner party to plan and execute, but have no time?  I can plan your party, organize your food and get you ready so you are good to go!  Want to do a fun cooking class for the kids at your house?  Let's get planning!

What to expect if you want me to become your own Personal Food Shopper:

Personal Food Shopper Service: Prices are customized to your family's needs

Initial Consultation: Free

We will gather in your kitchen/home for approximately one hour to determine the following:

  • You and your family’s favorite foods, must have foods, family recipes.

  • Where your favorite places to shop are and what things you need every week.

  • Any nutrition concerns for any family members.

  • Take a quick inventory of your pantry to determine what we have to work with initially.

  • Your schedule and what is most convenient for you for a shopper plan.

  • Determine how many meals per week and snacks per week you want planned and shopped for.

  • Concerns, needs, logistics.


After this initial consultation, I will deliver a plan for you based on your family’s food needs.  The cost of the service will be individualized to your family and your needs. We can look at the first week’s meal plan together and make sure you approve.  I love to get feedback on how the meals went, servings, what the kids liked, anything that will help me continue to give you more great quality options.  


Payment for the Personal Shopper Service is billed weekly after the service is rendered.  All groceries will be purchased at cost, separate from my fee to do the planning, shopping and organization.  My fee will be billed separately.


The Personal Food Shopper is especially helpful for families with parents who have demanding jobs, no times or have a situation where one parent travels frequently.  I can be there to make that absence a little easier on everyone, especially for the parent left to do the rest.  


Let's make your life easier and healthier!

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