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Boulder Family Nutritional Counseling Services

Providing customized nutritional services and meal planning

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I can supply your family sound nutritional counseling. We counsel for a wide variety of nutritional conditions and concerns. The most common being:

  • food allergies and sensitivities

  • everyone in the family has a different diet

  • digestive issues

  • mood concerns

  • weight loss or gain

  • accountability concerns

  • chronic nutrition related issues

  • introducing foods to your toddlers

  • picky or selective eaters

Managing Food Allergies

Recently been told you need to eliminate something from your diet?


I can help you through the process of eliminating gluten  or casein in your diet.  We can read labels, learn new recipes, or adapt old family favorites to fit your new plan.  


Whether you have a food sensitivity or an allergy, I can help navigate you through this process.  Gluten, soy, protein, lactose, whatever it may be, we can figure it out.


I can help plan your family meals with all the various diets and situations in mind.  I will meet with you to learn what those are, develop a detailed meal plan with lots of healthy recipes to make your job as meal producer a success!  

Do you have a selective eater at the table?

Picky or Selective Eaters

Are you short order cooking every night?  Does your child only eat a handful of items?  Are you cooking something different for every single family member?

I can give you many recipe and meal suggestions to make everyone in the family happy by altering a recipe easily.  

I can help through a process of establishing set meal times, offering a variety of food and creative ideas to get your child to accept more foods.  

We will set goals together, based on our plan and what you have already tried in the past.  Ultimately our goal is to have your child be at a healthy weight, be able to self-regulate their own eating, eat healthier types of food and have consistent eating patterns.

How I can Help

I can provide these services to help with the above mentioned:

  • meal planning

  • weekly meal prep

  • recipes

  • tips

  • in-home cooking techniques

  • catered event assistance

Your first visit

What to expect with your first visit if you or your child needs nutritional counseling:


Nutrition Counseling:

Initial Consultation (90 minutes): $125.00

Follow-up (60 minutes): $75.00

​Download New Patient Intake Form & email or bring to your first visit


During our time together we will:

  • Determine nutrition concerns.

  • Look at growth charts for your child or talk about weight and BMI.

  • Assess current food intakes.

  • Go through a brief journey through your kitchen and cupboards.

  • Discuss medical history and records.

  • Address your goals.


After this consultation, I will give you a timeline of how I think we should approach your concerns.  We can either look at doing individual counseling sessions per your preferred timeline or bundled packages of counseling sessions.  

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